Defense and Intelligence

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Defense and Intelligence

Explore how global defense and intelligence organizations are using technology to empower their militaries, improve operations and protect national security.

Leveraging technology to advance missions

In today’s environment technology is rapidly changing the defense and intelligence ecosystem. It’s more important than ever for leaders in defense and intelligence organizations to understand and accelerate their adoption of mission-critical, data-driven solutions to address the complex, evolving global security environment.

Navigating the digital landscape together

As a former British Army Officer, I know first-hand that in a world increasingly driven by data and technology, understanding and leveraging new digital technologies is paramount. These technologies can provide unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and security. However, navigating the digital landscape can be complex. Through this content we will provide insights and best practice which are targeted to supporting you on this journey. Because in the digital age, staying ahead means staying informed.

Gus MacGregor-Millar
General Manager, Worldwide Defense and Intelligence

Featured Defense and Intelligence Content

  • A fleet of military ships arranged in formation on the ocean surface with aircraft flying above the ships in precise alignment.

    The Necessity of Hyperscale Cloud in Defense

    New report that shares insights into the need for defense and intelligence organizations to adopt hyperscale cloud and build digital advantage.

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  • Close up of military vehicle

    Hyperscale Cloud Capabilities at the Tactical Edge

    In the ever-changing global defense landscape, hyperscale cloud capabilities are emerging as a competitive advantage to support and transform mission outcomes. This paper shares Microsoft’s insights on how defense missions can deliver secure edge computing in remote or hostile environments.

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  • A submarine surfaced in the ice

    Transforming Sub-Surface Operations

    As the future of military operations evolve the need to embrace emerging and innovative technologies is crucial. Subsurface operations are a vital component to maintaining national security. This paper shares insights on how cloud-based technologies can help optimize traditional and emerging naval operations and defense strategies.

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Episode 61: Digital Transformation in Modern Military Operations: Insights from General Bob Brown

With an overwhelming amount of information available in the world today, General Bob Brown discusses the need for advanced technology to make quick, informed decisions, and the significance of collaboration with allies and partners.

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Episode 61 guest speaker General Bob Brown
  • Episode 48: Technology Trends and Decision Advantage in Defense

    On this episode, guest host AT Ball speaks to Retired Vice Admiral Ann E. Rondeau, President of the Naval Postgraduate School. Rondeau offers an inside look into how defense organizations can adopt digital tools and adapt with emerging technology.

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  • Episode 58: Cybersecurity in an AI-Driven Landscape

    Cybersecurity stands at the forefront of global concerns, and recent advancements in generative AI have opened new avenues for both progress and peril. Guest host Alvaro Vitta and Tom Burt, Corporate Vice President of Customer Security and Trust at Microsoft, delve into the insights from the 2023 Microsoft Digital Defense Report.

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  • Episode 45: Digital Collaboration in Defense: Using technology to enable secure cooperation

    On the second episode of our Defense and Intelligence mini-series, AT Ball talks to Perry Smith of Myriad Technologies. They discuss the technology that enables secure collaboration between defense organizations.

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