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Public Sector Future

Public Sector Future is a podcast about using digital approaches in the public sector to deliver better outcomes. We share stories of public servants driving change and learn from their experiences.

Episode 57: India’s Journey to Digital Transformation: A Conversation with Dr. Pramod Varma

India’s digital transformation journey has relied on strategic thinking, collaboration, and innovative solutions. Dr. Pramod Varma talks with us about how India overcame hurdles to create a robust digital ecosystem, including a digital identity program for over one billion people.

Host profile

Olivia Neal, Director of Microsoft’s Public Sector Center of Expertise

Olivia Neal

Olivia is the Director of Microsoft’s Public Sector Center of Expertise. Prior to joining Microsoft, Olivia spent her career in public service in the UK Government and the Government of Canada. She is passionate about opportunities for digital approaches to deliver better outcomes. In sharing the stories of public servants from around the world she helps others to learn from their successes.

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