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Public Sector Center of Expertise

Thought leadership and research enabling digital transformation and innovation in the public sector. Find lessons, insights, and best practices to help advance your own digital transformation.

  • Latest Thinking: Defense & Intelligence

    Explore our latest thinking and discover how global defense and intelligence organizations can achieve their mission objectives by leveraging cloud-enabled technologies to advance missions across all domains: land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace.

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  • Building Blocks for Digital Transformation

    Listen to this new podcast with Ashleigh Sinclair, Managing Associate at Linklaters and Andrew Cooke, Global Policy Lead at Microsoft as they share insights from their paper on Building Blocks for a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy.

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  • About the Public Sector Center of Expertise

    We bring together thought leadership and research relating to digital transformation and innovation in the public sector. We highlight the stories of public servants around the globe, while fostering a community of decision makers. Join us as we discover and share the learnings and achievements of public sector communities.

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    Governance & Policy

    Content to help public sector organizations advance their digital agendas. Includes resources on policies to support cloud-first approaches, security and data protection, as well as the responsible use of technology.

    Governance & Policy Collection
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    Capability & Skilling

    Content to support public sector organizations in developing skills and culture to accelerate their digital transformation. Includes resources on the upskilling and reskilling of public servants, students, and citizens.

    Capability & Skilling Collection
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    Technology & Data

    Content to help public sector organizations use modern technology approaches to deliver collaborative, citizen-centric services. Includes materials which showcase the use of cloud, data, and artificial intelligence.

    Technology & Data Collection

Collections by need

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    Content for public sector organizations who are starting to explore the potential of digital transformation. Resources include examples of the power of innovation and transformation achieved by adopting cloud based technologies.

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    Content for public sector teams who are already starting their cloud journey. Resources include solutions to tackle public sector challenges and insights on the foundations of digital transformation.

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    Content for public sector organizations who are transforming service delivery. Resources include implementation examples and guidance from across Government, Defense & Intelligence, and Education.

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Public Sector Future podcast

Public Sector Future discusses real stories from public sector leaders who have been successful at driving change. Hear their first-hand experiences, challenges their users face, and lessons learned. Throughout the series we discuss technology and trends, as well as cultural aspects of change.

Public Sector Future Podcast

Episode 45: Digital Collaboration in Defense: Using technology to enable secure cooperation

January 19, 2023 | 23:32

On the second episode of our Defense and Intelligence mini-series, guest host AT Ball talks to Perry Smith, of Myriad Technologies. Perry shares an inside look into the technology that enables secure collaboration between defense organizations.

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  • A stylized image of people working in a command center

    Policy and Procurement: Building Blocks for a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

    Read our latest paper co-authored with global law firm Linklaters where we share perspectives on good public sector technology policy and procurement practices.

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  • People collaborating in front of a large monitor in a meeting room

    Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023: Report from Gartner®

    Gartner research investigates ten strategic technology trends and recommends actions to address these.

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  • A man sitting at a desk looking at a computer monitor

    Modernizing Cybersecurity in Public Finance Organizations

    There are two major forces driving cyberattacks against Public Finance organizations - money and socio-political disruption. This blog details the potential effects of an attack on a Public Finance organization and what organizations can do now to protect themselves.

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