Cloud Migration Cost Management Resources

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Cloud Migration Cost Management Resources

Migrating to the cloud can bring significant benefits for your organization, such as increased scalability, reliability, security, and innovation. However, migrating to the cloud also requires careful planning and management of costs to avoid overspending or underutilizing your resources.

A cost management strategy is an essential consideration when migrating or operating in the cloud. There are many benefits that this can bring, including:

  • Reducing upfront and operational expenses by paying only for what you use and leveraging the economies of scale of the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Gaining visibility and control over your cloud spending by using tools and practices to monitor, analyze, and optimize your costs.
  • Aligning your cloud spending with your business objectives and value by using budgeting, forecasting, and governance mechanisms to allocate and track your costs.

By applying these aspects, you can achieve greater efficiency, agility, and innovation with your cloud resources, while avoiding unnecessary costs and risks.

Resources to help plan, operate, and optimize your cloud environment

Azure Fundamentals

If you are new to cloud or Azure take the Azure Fundamentals learning path to understand basic cloud concepts. Start the Learning Path.

Microsoft Azure Well Architected Framework Cost Optimization

Learn about the factors that influence cost and tools you can use to help estimate and manage your cloud spend.

Analyze costs and create budgets with Microsoft Cost Management

Learn how to use cost analysis to understand how your costs accrue each month.

Azure Reserved Instances

Save money by taking advantage of Azure reservations. Analyze and decide what to purchase and then learn how to make a purchase. Understand the benefits provided through compute purchases and optimize against any under use. Perform basic reporting on your reservations.

Optimize Azure costs with data analysis in Power BI

Use Power BI to understand where your money is being spent in Azure so you can help your organization to optimize its costs.

Azure savings for compute

Reduce compute costs with an easy, flexible savings plan.

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