World Bank Report: Government migration to cloud ecosystems

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World Bank Report:
Government migration to cloud ecosystems

Insights for Governments on cloud adoption approaches

The Microsoft Public Sector Center of Expertise is proud to have supported the development of World Bank’s new report, Government Migration to Cloud Ecosystems: Multiple Options, Significant Benefits, Manageable Risks.

As is common with new technology, many will initially approach the public cloud from a position of reluctance, viewing it as a risky proposition with limited benefits. This report aims to clear up misconceptions about the cloud, and in particular the public cloud where there is often greater concern and confusion and show how its use can help improve public sector outcomes for citizens.

The report provides clarity for public servants seeking to understand how to adopt cloud-based approaches. It examines the benefits of the cloud and provides insights on opportunities to mitigate risk, considering:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Security
  • Data protection
  • Performance and reliability
  • Scalability
  • Environmental sustainability

The report provides structure to the cloud adoption process and distinguishes three levels of decision making and action needed to support governments in adopting modern and resilient technology approaches. The authors set out guidance for policy, strategy, and operational levels of decision-making.

The many countries lagging in their transition to the cloud are missing out on the multifaceted benefits that cloud computing can provide governments, ministries, and other public entities. These countries will fall farther behind if they do not develop cloud solutions at the national level

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