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Public finance agencies and organizations around the world are working hard to reignite the economy and drive financial accountability. Explore our latest thinking and learn what you can do to simplify your taxpayer’s experience online, use data to make informed budgeting decisions and mitigate fraud and corruption.

Modernizing Cybersecurity in Public Finance Organizations

There are two major forces driving cyberattacks against Public Finance organizations – money and socio-political disruption. This blog details the potential effects of an attack on a Public Finance organization and what organizations can do now to protect themselves.

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  • Podcast guest Mick Connolly

    Episode 40: Digital Innovation in Tax and Customs

    Mick Connolly is the Head of IT Innovation for HM Revenue and Customs in the UK. He chats with guest host Steve Barr about using technology to reach your goals and the importance of innovation in tax and customs operations.

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    Living in Unprecedented Times: Focusing on Solutions Through Partnership & Technology

    This article by Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector Director of the Public Finance Industry Valentina Ion outlines some of the top post-pandemic global challenges how technology has evolved to help us solve these problems.

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    Brazilian state embraces explainable AI for a fair and sustainable tax environment

    Hear how the state of Ceará in Brazil improved the monitoring of tax compliance among its retail vendors to enable an equitable and economically sustainable tax environment by adopting the HMX Tax Intelligence System (TIS) solution, featuring proprietary use of AI to identify compliance issues and provide detailed explanations for efficient follow-up.

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