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Latest Thinking: Cybersecurity

Explore our latest thinking to find insights on the evolving cybersecurity landscape and what this means for public sector organizations, along with resources to support you in building resiliency and trust.

Episode 60 guest speaker Jonathan Cassar

Leveling the Cybersecurity Playing Field with AI, Machine Learning and Cloud

Jonathan Cassar, the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Information Security at the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA), provides insights into global cybersecurity trends and their implications for the public sector.

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  • Episode 58 guest speaker Tom Burt

    Episode 58: Cybersecurity in an AI-Driven Landscape

    Cybersecurity stands at the forefront of global concerns, and recent advancements in generative AI have opened new avenues for both progress and peril. Guest host Alvaro Vitta and Tom Burt, Corporate Vice President of Customer Security and Trust at Microsoft, delve into the insights from the 2023 Microsoft Digital Defense Report.

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  • Episode 59 guest speaker Sami Khoury

    Episode 59: Modernizing National Approaches to Cybersecurity

    Sami Khoury is the Head of the Canadian Government’s Centre for Cyber Security. As Canada’s technical authority on cyber security, the team use their expertise to keep safe the information and systems that Canadians rely on, to protect and defend the country’s cyber assets and to lead Canada’s federal response to cybersecurity events.

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    How to Modernize Your Public Sector Security Operations Center

    Watch this training video and learn about the three phases of a SoC modernization and the steps you will take along the journey.

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