Creating a Secure and Productive Working Environment for Government Employees


Create a Secure and Productive Working Environment for Government Employees

Working remotely is the new norm and governments are equipping employees with the tools to work from anywhere. Learn what actions you can take to create a secure and productive environment for your workforce.

The ability to work remotely has become the new norm and governments all over the world are equipping their employees with the technologies that enable them to work from anywhere. The technologies that enable remote work can also be used to help increase collaboration between agency teams and separate public sector agencies by providing them with communication channels to brainstorm and access each other’s data that can help inform decisions and can ultimately improve productivity and efficiency.

However, with the vast amount of sensitive data that governments have, it’s vital that this new way of working is as secure as possible.

By creating a secure collaborative working environment you can: 

  • Protect mission-critical services by adopting a comprehensive cybersecurity posture that increases both resilience and agility.
  • Connect fragmented and disconnected agencies in a way that puts the public at the center of a transformed service.
  • Securely connect frontline workers to the public and their colleagues and organization while reducing backlogs and manual work.
  • Enable new models of work by bringing people together from across the organization to minimize administrative burdens, accelerate education and hone skills.

View this video to learn about the benefits of creating a secure and collaborative working environment. 

Take these actions to develop a secure and productive environment for your government workforce

Setup a strong Zero Trust foundation that includes:

  • Securing and managing identities
  • Defending against threats on multiple platforms
  • Protecting sensitive information across your data estate

Streamline endpoint management on government and BYO devices to:

  • Deliver the best experiences
  • Manage and protect any endpoint from the cloud
  • Simplify and optimize your endpoint estate

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