Understanding Digital Transformation in Government

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Understanding Digital Transformation in Government


Digital transformation is upon us and for every government, change is happening fast. This new era is defined by transformation and innovation. Microsoft hears the same questions from all government leaders, regardless of their size or function of their department: What does it mean to go through a Digital Transformation? What does it really take to do so and why is it so important?

Microsoft partnered with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government Development and the Future Office to create this training module that outlines best practices to support your organization’s digital transformation efforts.

Key Factors to Success

There are four key foundational factors to consider ensuring a successful digital transformation.

They are:

  • Vision: Clearly articulate your vision and roadmap.
  • Culture: Ensure your workforce is united and working with shared values and ideas.
  • Unique Potential: Find and unlock your unique potential to help you to make great strides forward.
  • Capabilities: Think about and develop human, operational, technical and AI capabilities.

Industry Trends

Learn more about government industry trends like: how digital technologies will drive growth, understanding proof of change and the importance of security and privacy in your organization.

Success Factors to Consider

Digital transformation in government is being driven by shifting citizen expectations, but if existing technologies are siloed, this will hold governments back in their efforts to meet these expectations.

Here are three success factors to consider:

  1. Take Proactive Actions vs. Reactive Actions
  2. Have a Connected View vs. Multiple Siloed Views
  3. Delivering Real Outcomes vs. Reporting of Activities

Take Action: Next Steps

Now that you understand the importance of digital transformation. Take these actions to make your vision a reality:

  1. Envision Your Future
  2. Define Operating Models
  3. Build a Compelling Case for Change

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