Launch of Public Sector Center of Expertise

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Launch of the Public Sector Center of Expertise

Letter from Dr. Julia Glidden, CVP of Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector

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Digital technology has increasingly helped public sector organizations address global challenges in recent years, from ensuring public safety and protecting the environment, to enabling new ways of living, learning, and working during a global pandemic.  

In the years ahead, we believe that cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and big data will further enable governments to deliver agile services to citizens and societies around the world. Moreover, as digital services become an intrinsic part of government, the technology industry must continue to be a reliable partner on their digital transformation journey.  

Microsoft is proud to launch the Public Sector Center of Expertise to support the evolution of public sector organizations by sharing insights and best practices, research, and resources on digital innovation. Upcoming digital trends research on this website will include cloud adoption in developing countries, the use of technology for digital identity, the impact of AI and other emerging technologies on the public sector, and sustainability. Our new Public Sector Future podcast also delves into these topics with global expert interviews.  

Our aim with the new website is to help public sector organizations on their journey to becoming truly intelligent organizations that use real-time data to inform policy, provide security and compliance, better manage people and finances, and leverage responsible AI to protect citizens and make informed decisions. Please join us here as we share important lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities in our collective efforts to help nations leverage the power of digital to deliver social good.  

Let’s stay connected; send us your ideas, topic interests, and questions at We invite you to subscribe to our podcast, follow public sector insights on Twitter, and visit Microsoft Research for related industry topics.

Best regards, 

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Dr. Julia A. Glidden 
Corporate Vice President 
Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector  

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About the Center of Expertise

Microsoft’s Public Sector Center of Expertise brings together thought leadership and research relating to digital transformation in the public sector. The Center of Expertise highlights the efforts and success stories of public servants around the globe, while fostering a community of decision makers with a variety of resources from podcasts and webinars to white papers and new research. Join us as we discover and share the learnings and achievements of public sector communities.

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