Adoption and implementation of a digital identity strategy

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Adoption and implementation of a digital identity strategy

Learn more on one of the key building blocks for digital transformation.

Adoption and implementation of a digital identity strategy

As the world becomes increasingly digitized and governments seek to move services online, physical methods of identity verification are, in many cases, no longer fit for purpose.

Four ways the implementation of a digital identity system can improve and modernize government services:

  1. Enhancing Users’ Experience: Reusable digital IDs make it easier and faster for users to register for vital services and allow them better control over whom they share their identity data with.
  2. Increase Efficiency of Government Operations: Reduces complexity, risk and cost associated with reliance on multiple hard copy documents for identity verification and manual verification processes. Inability to offer fully/end-to-end digital services.
  3. Reduce Fraud and Increase Protection: by providing users biometric-based authentication and verification, government organizations can help mitigate the fraud and abuse of benefits and services.
  4. Accelerates Digital Transformation: With the existence of secure digital IDs, governments can move high-value services online, while also increasing users’ trust in using digital services.

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Start implementing your digital identity strategy today.

Hear from public sector entities who have successfully implemented digital identity and the benefits they are seeing from doing so.

Helpful resources as you start your journey:

  • Episode 41: Building blocks for digital transformation: Listen to this podcast as Ashleigh Sinclair, Managing Associate at Linklaters and Andrew Cooke, Global Policy Lead at Microsoft share insights from their paper on Building Blocks for a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy.

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