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About us

The Microsoft Public Sector Center of Expertise supports the evolution of public sector organizations by sharing insights and best practices, research, and resources on digital innovation. Our Public Sector Future podcast delves into these topics with global expert interviews.

Who we are

Digital technology has increasingly helped public sector organizations address global challenges in recent years, from ensuring public safety and protecting the environment, to enabling new ways of living, learning, and working during a global pandemic.

In the years ahead, we believe that cloud technology, artificial intelligence and data will further enable governments to deliver agile services to citizens and societies around the world. Moreover, as digital services become an intrinsic part of government, the technology industry must continue to be a trusted partner on their digital transformation journey.

What we do

Our aim is to help public sector organizations on their journey to becoming truly intelligent organizations that use real-time data to inform policy, provide security and compliance, better manage people and finances, and leverage responsible AI to protect citizens and make informed decisions.

We provide case studies to inspire, guidance to support implementation of digital transformation approaches, and knowledge to build understanding of the fundamentals needed for the journey. Join us here as we share important lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities in our collective efforts to help nations leverage the power of digital to deliver social good.

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    Content for public sector organizations who are starting to explore the potential of digital transformation. Resources include examples of the power of innovation and transformation achieved by adopting cloud based technologies.

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    Content for public sector teams who are already starting their cloud journey. Resources include solutions to tackle public sector challenges and insights on the foundations of digital transformation.

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    Content for public sector organizations who are transforming service delivery. Resources include implementation examples and guidance from across Government, Defense & Intelligence, and Education.

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    Governance & Policy

    Content to help public sector organizations advance their digital agendas. Includes resources on policies to support cloud-first approaches, security and data protection, as well as the responsible use of technology.

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    Capability & Skilling

    Content to support public sector organizations in developing skills and culture to accelerate their digital transformation. Includes resources on the upskilling and reskilling of public servants, students, and citizens.

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    Technology & Data

    Content to help public sector organizations use modern technology approaches to deliver collaborative, citizen-centric services. Includes materials which showcase the use of cloud, data, and artificial intelligence.

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